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Quality Assurance, Safety, Health And EnvironmentalA key business objective of K Home International is to maintain an overall commitment to safety, health and the environmental by making QSHE standards the first priority in all of its operations.The Integrated Management System includes procedures and standard pro-formas which ensure the process of continual QSHE improvement and risk management are operated thoroughly.KHI safety, health and environmental competence is based upon its successful management and full compliance to QSHE legislation over many years and confirmed by its safety record.Risk assessments, audits and design reviews are regularly carried out and a duty to "design to avoid risks to QSHE" is inherent in KHI's entire design process.KHI takes an active role in many QSHE organisations and the procedures and systems ensure that QSHE standards are not only met, but also reviewed and benchmarked to continually improve its range of services.
Quality Assurance (QA) And Safety, Health And Environmental